How Do I Convert Feet To Meters Formula

One may need converting the feet to meters for the variety of the reasons as per the demand of the situation. These both are the measures of measuring the area or size as feet can be used to measure the height or the land area in the similar way meter can also be used to measure the size of the land, clothes and so on things.

Here is the simple formula by which you can convert feet into the meters.

·         Keep in your mind the value that 1 meter is equivalent to 3.28 feet

·         Hence you can get the value of 1 feet in meters by dividing the 1 by 3.28.
The resultant value would be 0.3048.

·         Now simply multiply this value to the number of feet that you want to convert in meters.

·         For example if you want to know that how many meters does 8 feet consist of.

·         Multiply 8 to 0.3048 and the result would be 2.4390 meters. 

So this is the simple formula of converting feet in meters, and you can convert any number of feet to meters by using this formula.

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