How many cubic feet is one cubic meter?

Cubic meter and cubic feet both are the measures of measurements, which have the cube to define the measure of volume. In simple language, a cubic meter is a cube which has the length, height and the width within the same parameter and it is depicted by theĀ m3.

If we talk about that conversion of the cubic meter to cubic feet or we say that how many cubic feet does one cubic meter have then we get the simple value of one cubic meter as equivalent to 35.3147 cubic feet.

Yes answering the title of the question 1 cubic meter have 35.3147 cubic feet, and in case you want to convert cubic feet to cubic meter then you can divide 1 cubic meter by 35.3147 cubic feet, and you will get the value of 1 cubic feet to 1 cubic meter.

Cubic meter or cubic feet both these measures are actually used to define the volume of stuff, that can be put inside a cube which is having the same length, width and height. As both of these measures are interchangeable, hence we often need to change the cubic meter to cubic feet or vice versa.

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