How Can You Determine The Formula To Convert Meters To Feet?

Well as we know that meters and feet both are the measures of measuring the area or length and these both measures are used as interchangeable to each other. Since both of these measures are used as interchangeable to each other, hence a person must be aware with the right formula of converting meters to feet and vice versa.

Well, there is a formula that can be easily determined by simply doing some¬†calculations based on the values of both the meters and the feet, and that’s what we are going to determine here.

First of all just keep in your mind that 1 feet are equivalent to the 0.3048 meters, and hence the simple formula from here can be determined as below.

  • Meters = numbers of feet√ó0.3048

Here place the value of a number of feet to convert it into the meters and then simply multiply it by 0.3048. You will get the value of concerned feet into meters.

Next, if you want to convert the meters into feet then you can determine this formula as below.

  • Feet= meters/0.3048

Here place the number of meters that you want to convert into feet and divide it by 0.3048. Since 0.3048 is the value of meter equivalent to the feet, hence you will get the correct conversion value of meters in feet.

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